Columbia Ag Investments was founded to help farmers and agribusinesses access debt, private equity capital and navigate merger and acquisition opportunities to grow their operation. Our services provided include structuring and execution of mergers or acquisitions, purchase and sale of agribusiness property and or operations, debt and equity financing of agriculture and agribusiness, along with consulting,  due diligence, and fiduciary receivership services.
Columbia Ag Investments focuses on permanent orchard crops, vineyards, and row crops in the highly productive growing regions within the Pacific Northwest. We are located and live in the markets we serve. Our experience and understanding of local growing areas, water accessibility, micro-climates, and local market dynamics benefit our clients and differentiates Columbia Ag Investments.
Columbia Ag Investments maintains two physical office locations in the states of Washington and Idaho.  We strive to offer comprehensive solutions for farm and agribusiness owners and investors alike.